Parents As Teachers


  The Parents as Teachers Program is an in-home visiting program being offered by the Doddridge County Starting Points Center. Each visit lasts approximately an hour and is focused on supporting you as a parent and helping your child grow and learn to prepare for school. 

What We Do

We provide parent/child activities and ways to promote language, problem solving, social development, gross and fine motor skills and other cognitive activities. We believe that as a parent you are your child's first and most important teacher. Home visiting is not about the home visitor as an expert, but about the home visitor and family working together on interests and goals set by the family. 

Who Qualifies?

In short, EVERYONE. Doddridge County Parents As Teachers is free, with no income restrictions. We are not here to judge you, simply support you in getting your child ready for school. We serve families from as early as pre-natal stages to as late as Kindergarden entry.

Does Parents As Teachers Work?

Doddridge County Starting Points Parents As Teachers Stress Test

It Lowers Stress!

According to, parenting stress levels were shown to decline over time when enrolled in the Parents As Teachers program just within THE YEAR. Imagine what it would do for stress levels throughout the entire program.

Doddridge County Starting Points Parents As Teachers PAPF Survey

Parents' Assessment of Protective Factors (PAPF)

Above is a copy of the PAPF Survey. The Survey is designed to measure the presence, strength, and growth of parents' self-reported beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that are considered indicators of protective factors. Parents' showed increased numbers across the board after working with us, and significantly higher numbers in several categories marked with an asterisk (*).

This video is from the National Center for Parents As Teachers. The video depicts one parent's journey through the program with her daughter.

Not Just Experts...... PARENTS.

Doddridge County Parents As Teachers has something that sets us apart from generic "Expert Trained" staff. All of our current Home Visitor staff have children of their own. What does this mean for you? Our Home Visitors have been in the same boat as you, have experienced many of the same stresses and can relate to you, as well as curriculum training.

Home Visitors

Doddridge County Starting Points Parents As Teachers Kristen Richards

Kristen Richards

Kristen Richards, also a mother of two, graduated from Liberty High School in  2001. Afterwards, she attended Salem University, where she earned an Associate's Degree in Business Administration and Healthcare Management


Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith is our newest Home Visitor! She has a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education and taught English Library Science for 12 years.